Why do my water pipes rattle?

The problem could be that the water lines are not properly isolated from the architectural components of the home. Should this be the problem, the movement of water through the pipes could be moving to beams, joists or studs in or beneath your floors or in the walls.

When the pipes are accessible the remedy may be as simple as placing an insulating material between the pipes and the structural elements they’re in contact with. Should your pipes only rattle once the water is turned on or off it may be that you have to install a water hammer arrester that will get rid of the jolt resulting from rapid closing water valves.

This problem is not always simple to identify and you should almost always depend on a plumbing expert to effectively discover your rattling pipe problem. Our plumbing technicians at Placentia Plumbing are merely a telephone call away; 714-676-8426.

Exactly what does “hard” and “soft” water mean?

“Hard water” is water consisting of high amounts of calcium and/or magnesium. Such minerals in large amounts can leave deposits, often known as scale, on your appliances and fixtures. As time passes, it may also impede the effectiveness of the appliance or fixture. Calcium in the water can also reduce the cleansing action of cleaning agents and detergents you use in cleaning the dishes, clothes as well as in showering by generating films on surface areas rather than dissipating the soaps and cleaning agents for optimum performance. Having a water softening system installed in your home will essentially remove calcium and magnesium via interaction with salt through the process called ion exchange.

Can I use chemical drain solutions?

No. It’s encouraged that you do not. A large number of retail drain cleaners are damaging to your plumbing. In time these products can wear away the interior coating of drain pipes. If you need a professional to come clean your drains, just give us a call today.

Precisely what is a leak detection service?

Leak detection service is meant to find underground or hidden leaks using high quality sound-detection gear. These types of ultra-sonic leak detection devices are the top approach to promptly and expertly track down your leak origin. We specialize in expert slab leak discovery and repair. We are going to pinpoint the precise location of your leak and solve the problem right away.

Why does my hot water heater run out of hot water so fast?

You might be thrilled to discover that it does not necessarily indicate something is wrong with your hot water heater. This can be caused by problematic taps or shower heads. Certain older shower heads put out up to five gallons every minute. Newer shower heads only provide around 2.5 gallons each minute. Switching to lower volume shower heads and faucets might take care of the problem. Another problem might be that the water heater’s dip tube needs to be swapped out. If you’re having to deal with this issue, please don’t be reluctant get in touch with Placentia Plumbing at 714-676-8426 to resolve the issue.

Why is my water heater leaking water?

The most typical explanation for water leaks from a water heater is a rusted out water tank. This will call for you to replace the existing water heater. When it is still under manufacturer’s warranty you may not have to worry about the financial demand a completely new one may cause. Even so, if it hasn’t reached the estimated life span, the root cause could possibly be something else. To provide an example, the pressure relief valve, usually found at the top of the unit, could be leaking. At Placentia Plumbing you can be confident that our expertly trained professionals will punctually analyze your leak and advise a solution that’s to your advantage.